Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When does this ever happen??

When the liberal animal spirits are running, when does anyone in powerful bureaucratic positions 1) ever get caught for anything, 2) ever get held accountable for it?  The answer is never.   These things only happen at the very end of long periods of abuse as the kind that got us where we are today with the rich very rich and everyone else wondering WTF hit them.  Well, the herd has now awakened and we know it is so because big people in high places - people who once seemed unassailable no matter what they did - are now getting held to account for things they have done.  Sometimes even for things done years ago.

Such is the case with the recent step down of the governor of the Richmond VA branch of the federal reserve, Jeffery Lacker.  Lacker leaked critical info to a Wall St firm back in 2012 and has been allowed to keep his job all this time even though enough people knew about it that he should have gotten not only fired by charged with money crimes as well.  He was planning to retire later in the year but instead he has now been exposed and has had to take on the shame of admission of his crimes.

Mr Lacker is yet another early example of what I have been saying would happen all along as a sign of the end times of the great global debt Ponzi.  Big men on campus will get thrown under the bus instead of being allowed to quietly slink away unnoticed.  Not because the system wants to do it but rather because it is now obvious that the herd has awakened, the herd is pissed and the herd is watching.  Nobody is going to get away with anything anymore.  The herd wants fresh meat and so the herd is going to get it.  The elite prance around like they are running things but it always was and always will be the case that the herd, operating under its hive mind, is running the show.  If the herd lets this or that seem to slide its because enough of the herd has a full stomach and the distraction of a cell phone to keep it calm.  But the herd cannot be distracted forever and anyone who thinks that the herd can be scared forever is an idiot.  That is why I showed the Youtube Battle at Kruger vid so many times in the past.  The herd is scared of the elite until it has had enough abuse and then the herd goes in and takes care of business.

We have entered the take care of business stage.  We ain't seen bad yet, but its coming.

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