Friday, April 7, 2017

You know the divide is getting serious when...

The United States is no longer one nation indivisible.  It is one nation full of division.  It was long predicted by me that not only might the Euro zone collapse as one of the signs of the end times for the debt Ponzi but the USA was not above it either.  After all, in the 1990s USSR, which was #2 at the time, collapsed resulting in spinoffs in the form of a bunch of 'stahns.  I know it sounds insane that this could ever happen to the US but the one and only thing that really ties us together is our economy and our economy is a fake economy due to the long standing use of fake money.  So when the fake money collapses there is a much larger chance than people expect that several states could go spinning off on their own. 

We Texans, for example, do not have the widespread housing bubbles of NY, CA, WA and many other spot locations in the country.  When their bubbles burst (and they will), we don't want to pay for their lavish debt based spending habits.  And make no mistake, when it all collapses that is what central government will be required to try to do.  They will have to transfer wealth from the conservative savers to the liberal spenders else the whole debt Ponzi will implode from chain reaction.  Countries like the USSR never fly apart like that without there being a reason.  And the reason is simple: those who did not benefit from the boom don't want to share the bill for the bust.

I think you can tell from the news that everyone is pissed and nobody is calming down.  But today I saw something that shocked me and showed me just how far gone we have become.  I personally don't mind tossing the F bomb around in this forum.  Why?  Because it's my blog and I don't have any revenue coming from it because I don't allow ads.  Therefore I'm going to saw whatever the heck I want to.  If you are here reading this it's because you see the larger vision in my thought processes and you will put up with a bit of occasional foul language rant in order to read it.

But I am far from the norm.  Most people who invest the kind of time in a blog that I have done are in it for money.  That is their motivation for doing it (and a completely fair motivation at that).  But those folks generally have to be more careful what they say because they count on all kinds of readers to get their page hit values up and many readers are ridiculously thin skinned and caught up in fake political correctness as their indoctrination into liberal society has taught them to be.

So when I see Mish use the F bomb on public media it is telling me that things are getting much worse to the point where a guy like Mish who has something to lose by offending readers goes ahead and tells people to F off:

He's now downplaying the chase for money and upselling his anger.  When fake green paper fails to any longer be the central focal point of everyone's existence you know that the power of the Mammon Money is losing hold over the people.

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Augustine said...

The next depression is baked in the cake, but the betrayal by Trump of his voters, whether real or perceived, is likely to pop the cake out of the oven.

I checked out the comments in both far right and far left websites and the overwhelming majority of comments were against yet another war in the Middle East. Even at Breitbart the mood was of disappointment and betrayal, many writing Trump off as a tool of the Deep State.

The people was hopeful to effect change, as usual, and counted on an outsider that this time would be different. As the realization that it's not how power works sinks in, the mood will sour quickly, along with the economy. Especially when Trump does what governments do when they fail: double down.

Grab your popcorn, nay, your gold nuggets.

PS: God damn the warmongers and their mercenaries!

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