Monday, April 24, 2017

Mauldin agrees with George Carlin's "vanishing pension" statement.

Back when George Carlin was going around telling everyone about his political views, everyone thought he was an extremist but they put up with him because, well, he was George Carlin.  George was not shy about using foul language and that sometimes turns off simple minded people who get caught up in political correctness as being the most important thing in their simply little thin skinned lives.  I personally use profanity to drive those kind of sheeple away since they rarely have anything of value to offer anyway.

In any case, those "extreme" views are now being seen for what they really were and are: simple truth told plainly.  The proof of this can be found in the most recent email from John "Muddle Through" Mauldin.  Mauldin points out from an economist perspective what Carlin knew from his larger understanding of the Big Con which is that people who expect their pension promises to be kept are pissing up a rope.  The money is not there to pay them and the workers will not be taxed at higher rates in order to make up for these shortfalls.  Any politician that ignores this will not be in office very much longer.

I will repeat my personal perspective that I don't need or want the services of the police.  At least not in the numbers that exist today.  All they do is hide around corners looking for minor infractions which can be used to tax people with.  Public safety is not their goal as they have demonstrated so many times on Youtube already.  They are part of the parasitic system which is encouraged and enabled by the acceptance of fake paper money as if it were real.  Unfortunately Carlin never read my blog because I'm sure he would have gotten this basic truth as being the underlying cause of all the symptoms he spoke so negatively about.

Even more unfortunately is that the disease of fake money acceptance has spread so far and wide that the only thing that will lead to change is collapse of the scam ridden system and probably major wars, the winners of which will likely be more related to who is left rather than who was right.

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