Friday, July 15, 2016

We need truck control right now!

Witness the sad events in Nice, France where some crazy bastard purposely rammed his large truck into a crowd of people killing eighty four (84, as in 4+4. 4) men women and children.  That damage was all done within a few seconds making the truck a much deadlier weapon than the AR15 used in the Orlando gay club to kill 70+.  At least if the people in the night club had been armed they could have shot back.  But its pretty hard to protect yourself in a crowd when a truck comes barreling through.

Maybe if we had stiffer licensing requirements for driving trucks all of this could have been avoided, do you think?

Nah, me neither.  In fact, only a liberal fool would think something like that would work.  But that is always the solution for gun related deaths according to those who would use these tragedies to further the different and completely unrelated liberal agenda of disarming patriots.

And so here is the truth of the matter: you can't legislate or police sanity.  So let's look at why the asshole did it.  What caused his Gerald Celente moment?  Why did he take it out on innocent people instead of going after those who offended him?  I don't claim to know these facts but I do know that stronger laws and stricter controls do not make us safer.  These things have a clear point of diminishing returns.

Perhaps if governments weren't trying to enslave everyone with their fake pump and dump money then fewer people would try to emulate them in lives of crime.  Perhaps if governments didn't kill hundreds of thousands of people like it was nothing then the people would also have more respect for human life.

The only way I see forward is to fix the broken, unfair system.  Get rid of the fake money supply and let people keep what they earn for themselves instead of taxing everyone into oblivion.  All of these mass killings are escalating around the world for a reason.  I pointed out that these kinds of things would be a sign of the end times for the global debt Ponzi.  Welcome to the new reality.  Get a gun, get some ammo, learn the laws and become proficient in the use of your firearm.  Carry it wherever you can.  Store some food.  Get some gold and silver.  Get out of debt.  Once you have done these things, just live your life without worry because you will have done all one can reasonably be expected to do and there is no sense worrying about it after that. None of us will live this life forever anyway.


Augustine said...

Well said, Captn. I'd only add "stop the fake wars!". Assad has done America nothing, except favor Russia's pipeline over the American vassals'. As much as the military congressional complex misses the Cold War, nobody else does and America cannot afford one anymore.

The Captain said...

Hi Augustine. Your comments are always worthwhile reading. As for stopping the fake wars it stands to reason that they cannot be fought if they actually have to be paid for. The only wars that are ever fought these days are those which are financed with debt. Get rid of the fake money supply that allows trillions of unpayable debt to be created and you get rid of all these fake wars.

The only war I will ever fight with foreigners is the one where my country is physically invaded or attempted to be invaded. Everything else is a fake war. I urge all Americans to develop the same attitude toward government sponsored war.

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