Thursday, February 2, 2017

Look at the stupid liberals (Sarah Silverman this time) asking for shit they know nothing about.

Not long ago Rosy ODumbass said she "fully supported" martial law in order to keep Trump from assuming the office of president.  Now we have Sarah Silverman trying to convince the military to form a coup in order to depose the Trumpster.  My G-d, have you ever seen the like here in America?  The whining crybaby liberals didn't get their evil queen installed and so now they want to use force of arms to have their way.  Dumbass Sarah, if Trump was deposed, which liberal ass would you install to replace him?  And furthermore you Hollywood twit, what makes you think you would personally survive the first day of it?  With apologies to more center leaning liberals, when will you fucking rabid left loudmouthed liberals wake the Hell up and figure out that we conservatives have all the guns??  You dumb asses are asking to get obliterated with this crazy talk of martial law and coups. 

What the likes of Rosy and Sarah don't understand is that we conservatives have had the power to take over this country by force of arms all along yet we showed conservative constraint despite having to choke it down every day under the liberal rule of Bill Clinton, GW Bush (a closet liberal) and Obama.  But if martial law is imposed or if a coup is pulled off then, baby girl, the gloves come off and the shooting begins.  Nobody wants this!  And I for one think Sarah and Rosy are just pissing into the wind with their liberal temper tantrums.  But in the off chance that the remaining liberal establishment sees those kind of tweets and believes that it has enough people to support a real martial law or a real coup then know this up front: Hollywood will be hollowed out by gunfire.  Good looks, wealth or star status will not save you from being killed.  I'm telling you for your own good that once the shooting begins it cannot stop until all the loudmouths like Rosy and Sarah are gone.  Why?  Because if the line is crossed and the shooting begins then if the shooting stops before the job is done then the surviving liberal establishment might still have enough power to extract revenge on the shooters.

Do I want this to happen? NOOOOOOOOOO!   Hell No!  It would be Hell on Earth.  But history is clear in this matter.  If you win a battle and drive the enemy out of existence then you are treated like and remembered as a heroic freedom fighter.  But if you try to fight tyranny and fail to obliterate it then you are a terrorist.  George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers of the USA were considered terrorists by the British government back in their day.  All of them were wanted dead or alive.  But they won and the Brits lost so the founding fathers are remembered as freedom fighters and heroes.

It's very, VERY difficult to find middle ground.  That is why real conservatives will not start any trouble until a major line of tyranny is crossed but it is also why after that line is crossed there will be no quarter until the liberal element is substantially silenced.  So shut up Sarah and button it Rosie.  The lives you save may not just be your own but also those of everyone you know.  You don't get to have a coup without bloodletting, girls.

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