Friday, February 10, 2017

Looking for where the next band of terrorists might come from?

Here's a basic truth about people: if you fuck them out of what they think they are supposed to receive then they tend to get mad about it.  People are people no matter where they live or what their job is.  If you rain bombs and bullets on the middle east I guarantee you that you are creating future terrorists.  Why?  Because not everyone in the world is a spineless pussy who shivers in their tracks when faced with a superior force of repression.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the other signatories of the constitution of the United States as well as all those who fought the British are good examples of that.  And nobody even droned them!  All that was done to them was an attempt to economically enslave them through taxation without representation.  That was all it took.

So you can imagine how a lot of middle eastern people become terrorists.  Someone is always pushing them around, shooting them, bombing them, droning them, etc.  Do some of them deserve it?  Maybe, but that's not my fight or care.  However enough innocents are getting slaughtered that, yes, the USA and other involved are responsible for creating terrorists.  Period.  In fact, I'm surprised that there aren't more middle eastern terrorists based on the casual way that bush and then obama and now trump just kill whoever is near their target and call it collateral damage regardless of whether the murdered people were men, women or children.

But I think we are about to see a whole new class of domestic terrorism here in the states.  It won't be muslims or even middle easterns.  It will be white, black and hispanic Americans. And it won't even be normal citizens but rather government employees who got fucked out of their overly rich pensions.  You betcha.  Government employees like hero firemen and hero police (cough cough) are about to get screwed big time across this great land of ours because their pension system is just part of the global debt Ponzi.  They foolishly think that when it all goes bust that they are just going to demand higher taxes from the working poor to fund their lavish retirement but that is not going to go very far.  Politicians know they cannot raise taxes because the people are just just too wound up right now.  People are rioting at the drop of a hat anymore - even in anticipation of shit Trump hasn't even done yet.  The mood is turning sour very quickly as I said it would and people are at each other's throats.  That's because they know the system is rigged even if they do not know exactly how they are getting screwed.  They just know they are.

Well policemen and firemen are no more of heroes than anyone else and I believe that a larger percentage of them are physically violent than the non police non fire population.  So when they finally realize that the money to pay them just isn't there and that it never was and that it never will be (you know, all those crazy things I have writing about since 2010), some percentage of them - maybe 3 to 5% are going to lose their minds. They are going to want revenge just like Christian Dorner.  They are going to blame the politicians, the city managers and of course the people for not just agreeing to pay them outlandish retirements that nobody else gets.  They will convince themselves that they are righteous and just in their actions just like whacko Dorner did.

That is where the next big crop of domestic terrorists will come from.  The firemen will commit arson in order to prove to the people how badly we need to pay our firemen.  The policemen will rob and kill in order "get what's owed them" and also to prove how badly we need to pay our policemen.  At the end of the day none of them are special, they are just stupid patsies for having believed in and been part of big government.  Bankruptcy awaits you and many of us will consider it justice.

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