Saturday, April 2, 2016

Everyone should stop saving in a 401k and save into gold and silver metal instead

All you need to see is one chart which I got from Mish's web site today:

Keep in mind that this is happening as velocity of money is very near 5 waves down.  What do you think will happen when that 5th wave down finishes at the same time that rank and file salaries are going exponential?  Do you think that salaries are rising like because of improved output and productivity of the CA labor force?  Or is it because the the people are losing confidence in the issuing authority?  The only exponential chart that ever has legs is the inflation chart because it is not an increase in anything.  It is a decrease in the perceived value of the currency.  Once the deflation is over, all that will be left is the lost confidence in the issuing authority of the fake "money".

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