Thursday, April 21, 2016

Poetic justice for those sucking at the government teat

Here's a story that I just find hysterical.  In the past, when the credit driven prosperity was flowing, government set up all sorts of departments and agencies, all of them overstaffed and all staff receiving lavish benefits.  But now that the global slowdown is picking up speed, these agencies know that taxes cannot be raised to support the overly generous staffing and overly generous pensions that are coming due.

So how did they manage this in Finland?  They put the postal workers into Mexican labor style servitude mowing people's lawns!!  You cannot make this shit up and I think it is just the funniest thing I have read in a long time.  That shows what these parasites are really best skilled to do!  Mowing the f-ing lawn!  HA! 

Well this is sending another message, isn't it?  It's telling future government employees that the government really doesn't value you all that much.  As soon as times get bad they turn their workers out into the streets to compete with manual yard labor people.  That is going to turn a lot of would be parasites from wanting to join government.  I expect this kind of thing to be seen broader and wider.  Right now those pushing the lawnmowers think it is temporary so they are doing it in order to remain viable for their ridiculous pensions.  But the smarter ones will see the writing on the wall and move along because there is no future at a job that will make you go mow lawns in order to get a passing grade and continued "professional" employment within their organization.

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