Saturday, April 2, 2016

Where is oil going?

Over on the paid blog site I provided the USO chart below.

It was predicting an exact top at $10.80 as primary count (red is always primary with me).  As you can see from the updated chart below, I nailed the exact top with my USO model.  Is this just pure luck?  Again??  Think about it.  How many times has this occurred?  No, not every time and I'm the first to admit that but that's because Elliott waves are about odds and not about certainties.  That's because, from the human perspective, the entire universe is based on probability even down to the lowest subatomic physics.

But it has occurred enough times for any thinking person to see that there is something fundamental at play here and it is captured at least to a significant degree by the math and logic of Elliott waves.

If you are trading USO, did you see this coming?  Did anyone else who is not an Elliotician?  Do you know what to look for going forward?  Do you know when to give up on a notion or when to double down?

If you cannot answer yes to these questions you might want to examine whether you even know the true rules of this game.  Fundamentals do not move stocks!  Human emotions do.

 Folks, there is no reason to "wing it".  There is no reason to have to rely on notoriously unreliable gut feel or intuition.  Once you remove these emotional aspects from your trading there is in fact no reason for fear!

The stock market volatility is only going to become greater in the coming months and quarters and years.  If you want to compete you will need access to the best information available.  I have been posting here for years and providing EW charts that have in many cases given incredible insights into future chart movements.  If you want access to these insights going forward, the subscribe button is right up there.

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