Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[JNUG] is officially a 7 bagger

Back in this September 2015 post I provided a bottoming model for JNUG which is reproduced below with the commentary, "It could be a 10 bagger even with gold topping at $1350 per Prechter's model.".

The current actual chart is below.  The red circle is where I made the September post.  I did not expect the extended 4th waves that pushed the actual bottom into Jan 2016.  But mow you can see why it happened.  The herd broke out of the channel by going sideways so it was hardly with gusto and then it took my blue alternate bottoming path in the above model. 

We have not gotten to the 10 bagger point yet but who in their right mind would have even come close to creating the chart above and saying that a 10 bagger was possible?   Everything was looking so bleak for metals and miners back then.  But this was right when I was telling people that the bottom was likely imminent.  This is only possible with the use of Elliott waves.

If you want to be on the next big ride up, you know what to do about it because you know where I am posting all of my charts these days.  Seriously though.  Do you think you saved money by not paying me $39.95 on this?  If you are trading in any capacity then having an odds enhancement tool like Elliott waves on your side is a big advantage over the other guys.

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