Friday, April 15, 2016

Mississippi creates citizen police for churches and quietly legalizes permitless carry.

Look how quickly the liberal gun control agenda is collapsing.  It's breathtaking in its speed and breadth.  Guns have been selling to Americans at a record pace and there is nothing Obama or Hillary or anyone can do about it.  The will of the American herd is clear on this matter: "From my cold, dead hands".

The latest news installment on this thread is the two part bill which just became law in Mississippi.  The state normally doesn't allow weapons into churches (a ridiculous law IMO since churches are not supposed to be controlled by the state).  So this new law actually creates what amounts to a police officer for church affairs.  The reason we don't just call it open carry in church is that those who will carry must be selected, it is not an "open" situation.  Additionally, the people with this designation will receive some "protections" from the state.  In other words, if they have to kill a crazy person in church then they probably won't be scrutinized for it.  In case you were wondering what the meaning of a police "shield" or badge is, there you have it.  It is not a shield from criminal; it is a shield from being prosecuted under the laws. Otherwise police would fear that their every action would result in a lawsuit.  As a result, many of them run amok...

While the church part is the headline grabber, the bigger part of the new law is to allow permit-less holstered carry.  I'm not really sure what the full implications of this are.  If the un-permitted holster carrying person draw his weapon, is he now in violation of the law?  While this is kind of stupid, I think it is simply meant as a deterrent to people brandishing their weapon.  The weapon absolutely must, at least IMVHO, remain holstered when carrying in public. The gun is not a damned toy to be shown around and handed to friends to admire.  When the weapon is holstered the barrel is pointed down.  The last thing I want is a bunch of fools flashing me with the barrels of their handguns.  Thus, as much as I hate government laws, this is one I can appreciate.  If I need to draw down on someone for the right reason then I won't care about getting in trouble with the law because it will have been a life and death situation anyhow.  Rather be alive and guilty than dead but innocent.

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