Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary unleashes October surprise on Trump.

Hillary has obviously turned up some recorded dirt on Trump where he was shooting his mouth off about how he interacts with women.  Of course then Hillary quickly tweets like it was the first time she'd heard it.  Obviously this little tidbit was dug up months ago when the Hillary attack machine (what do you think all the campaign money really pays for?) went to work on Trump.  Then they sat on it waiting for the right time to release it.

From a political perspective, it's fair game IMO.  Trump has an attack machine too.  And Trump did say those things (albeit years ago).  Yes he's an arrogant ass who fancied himself a ladies' man (even though the married lady in question was able to resist his "charms"). 

So I'm not kicking Hillary for doing it.  In fact, I am thanking her because when this kind of thing gets thrown in Trump's face he suddenly realizes that he has to be more careful what he says and to whom.  The walls obviously have ears and there is a camera around every corner.  So I think Trump just got the hard lesson that despite wanting to be a swinging dick alpha male that those kinds of things can hurt him.

In any case, many women in this world have not achieved anything of note on their own (just like many guys have not).  But in the case of women, if they are born with looks then they have something of economic value just like a guy who is born with a strong body has something of economic value.  Many men who cannot achieve otherwise allow themselves to be essentially enslaved as ditch diggers and manual laborers and on the flip side, many women who cannot achieve otherwise rely on their looks to get by.  This is just the plain old truth and acting like it is not so is for idiots. 

Trump is essentially a high school boy who never grew up.  The things he said were the same things all guys said back then.  Again, not too polished to be sure, but hardly the reason to be or not to be president.  Bill Clinton has definitely said and done worse and he was president.  Hell, Bill did worse WHILE he was president and in the oral office, errrr, I mean oval office to boot.  Trump only dreamed about the things the Bill did 100 times.  Per month.  So for Hillary to act shocked about it is about as disingenuous as possible and in fact I am betting that it doesn't do anything to hurt Trump.  Is this the best that Hillary attack machine can come up with?  Crude remarks made in private between a couple of guys???  Oh the horror.

If people only realize the half of what Hillary has done in her useless life they would just laugh at this silly attempt to disqualify Trump from his presidential bid over crude but essentially harmless words.  After all, has anyone looked at Trump's wife lately?  I dare say he doesn't need to grope any female strangers these days...  He's have a hard time just finding anyone to grope who is half as hot as his own wife.   How's that for some crude guy talk?  LOL.

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