Monday, October 17, 2016

State department pressured FBI to unclassify Clinton email

It looks like another skeleton has flopped out of Hillary's closet.  Newsmax reports that the state department sought to protect Hillary by changing the security classification of emails that were found on her private server for no other reason than they would make her guilty of mishandling classified material.  Even worse, the cover up attempt named specific political favors that the state department would give the FBI if it would only agree to conspire in this fashion.  To its credit, the FBI declined to conspire in this cover up but the evidence of the attempt is now a matter of public record and, IMO, far more pertinent and damning than foul language used by Trump in 2005.

Personally I wish both Hillary and Trump would just fall on their own swords and make way for better people to take on the responsibility of leading the US.  Neither are in any way fit.  The main reason I think Hillary is far worse is that Trump, being little more than a spoiled rich 14 year old who never matured past that adolescent stage, is easy to read.  And I don't just mean by me.  I more importantly mean by Putin.

You see, Hillary is on record as saying first strike nuclear option against anyone who does not do our bidding is an option on the table.  The US has gone from a nation committed to using nukes only as a response to nukes being used on us to one whose so called Bush Doctrine now gives the commander in chief political air cover to launch nuclear strikes on anyone who we consider to be the enemy.

You have to consider Putin's view on this.  He knows that you don't actually have to do wrong or immoral things to the US in order to be considered an enemy.  All you have to do is to demonstrate that you might get ahead through hard work.  The US is a global bully and bullies keep their dominance not by deserving it through hard work but rather by using mafia/organized crime tactic on any and all challengers.  Russia might not want to go to war but they damned sure do not want to live under the rule of the US.

Observe the glee that Hillary used to describe the death of a fellow human.  Her unfiltered actions are those of a sociopath.  A fair recounting of Gaddafi's reign saw the quality of life of Libyans improve dramatically.  So killing him or working to have him killed was not done in order to save the Libyan people from unfair treatment but rather because Gaddafi was no longer a pliable US puppet. 

Putin, of course, observed all of this.  What must he have been thinking?  What must he think now?  If I were him I would be saying that the US is an international criminal organization which knows no bounds in what it will do in its quest to remain at the top of the Ponzi scheme.  If I were him I would be saying, to Hell with spending on defense, we will spend on offense because the next war will be an offensive one.  Not because Russia wants it but rather because as the American Dream of something for nothing begins full on collapse that the only real option available to the leadership might be the Roman Option.  If I were Putin I would surround the US coast with the ultimate first strike weapon: nuclear capable subs.

Once the Jewish option (tricking people out of their money through cunning, sophistry and guile using fake money as the engine of the con) stops working, the Roman option of just taking what you think you need in order to continue the puffed up lifestyle to which you have become unfairly accustomed becomes pretty much the only choice.

  • These labels are not meant in any way to be derogatory to my Israeli friends (of which I have many) or to my small number of  Italian friends.  And in fact since we tend to associate with like minded people, my friends would probably all agree with the labels because they know too many con men or mafioso themselves to deny it.  Political correctness (PC) has never been one of my strong points anyway and I think that, as the conservative wave expands, more and more people will begin to seek out plain talk which does not require a complex PC decoder ring in order to fully understand.
Anyone who opposes this bullying is a threat to US national security by definition.  Note that national security is not a moral imperative.  It might well be in the interest of US national security to someday use bioweapons to destroy all life outside of the northern hemisphere so that there is more for Americans to consume.  Yes, it is said in an extreme way on purpose to shock but the underlying point is no less valid: our quest for national security can EASILY extend way past the mores set forth by Natural Law and with a sociopath in charge the odds of it happening rapidly move higher.

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