Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How's my track record doing on [BLDP]?

Back in October of 2015 I made what probably seemed like a very unlikely bottoming call to many readers of this blog.  The red model is, as usual, primary.

Since then the price is up over a dollar.  Is it really all just luck over and over and over again?  Does that make more sense than to finally just admit that there is a reasonably track-able, wave based cycle to human mood as expressed in share prices? As soon as the charts are too old to be of any value I will release my GDX/JNUG models and they will astound you as to the accuracy.  Of course you could always gain instant access for the absolutely stupidly low price of $39.95 per month.  Look around the web, that is unheard for daily updates with the kind of accuracy I am providing.

Don't let pride stop you from looking at the data that I have been providing for years and making the unemotional conclusion that you could do much better in your trading if you would only accept help.  But not just any old help because most of the help out there is nothing more than gut feel Jim Cramer wannabes.  I offer a completely different perspective based on the mathematical, wave based system known as the Elliott wave principle.  The system not only gets you in at low prices but it also tells you when the odds say you should take profits.  Importantly, the models I provide also tell you nearly instantly when the herd is doing something not expected by the model.  Without a model (and how many normal traders have them?), how can you possibly know what is a cheap or expensive price?  The fundamentals???  PLEASE.  Don't make me laugh.  The fundamentals are very often counter-indicative!  The night is often darkest before the dawn and the bulb is often burning at peak brightness before it flickers and burns out.  You simply cannot count on fundamentals for market timing!

My service works both for frequent traders and for those with a longer buy and hold time horizon.  Also, since I use PayPal for recurring monthly payments, you are always in control.  You do not give me any credit card info and thus you do not have to ask me to cancel for you if you decide that the service is not for you.  It's your PayPal!  You just go in and cancel recurring payments any time you want.  I then get an email saying you have unsubscribed at which point I remove your access rights. Sooooo simple for both sides.  You always remain in complete control.

In any case, best of luck in your trading but I'm telling you right now that if you do not have my service you will very likely miss an upcoming opportunity for a likely 4-5 bagger in the metals complex.  I called this sell off well in advance so the odds are that my models are going to be correct in the future as well.

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