Friday, October 21, 2016

EU successfully crashes a billion dollars into Mars

The EU elite love to waste money even  more than the US elite even as the problems facing the EU are much deeper than those of the US.  The latest evidence point on this is the completely unnecessary and now confirmed failed Schiaparelli Mars probe mission.  The dark spot in the picture below is all that remains of the what is left of the billion dollar probe.

Gee, I wonder what the taxpayers must be thinking.  The EU has proven several times that it sucks in space yet their elite continue to need technical sandboxes and playgrounds to continue "earning" their bloated salaries in.  At least when the US sends a mission there is a high chance that it will work.  The American Mars rover program was also a complete waste of money but at least we got some pictures...or at least we think we do.  That's what they have told us.  Perhaps instead there is a very expensive sound stage in Hollywood with Top Secret clearance required for entry...