Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Desperate Hillary's new strategy for another run at office: appear conservative.

After getting her ass handed to her by the buffoon Trump, Hillary has gone through all the stages of Kubler-Ross very quickly: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and now finally Acceptance that her liberal, ballot box stuffing followers are no longer able to deliver victory at the polls.  Her funding has evaporated and the entire Democratic party is in shambles, just as I predicted would happen long before the 2016 presidential election even got started.

So what's an old has-been conwoman like Hillary to do?  Well they say rust never sleeps and likewise Hillary never gives up.  She is now talking about becoming a religious figure.  Yup.  She thinks that by re-positioning herself to the right like this that she will eat into the conservative vote.  After all, she was very successful flopping all around in her positions with her liberal constituents so she has to be thinking that this gambit will work as well.

Unfortunately, Hillary has not considered the obvious which is that liberals by nature do not value the facts as much as they value emotional crap.  Thus you can flop around in front of them all you want and they will eat it up with a stick because they are buying into the dream.  Conservatives, not so much.  Conservatives just chuckle at this latest move by would be queen Hillary.  Conservatives strongly believe that she is a G-dless manipulative a-hole who has likely murdered, lied, cheated and committed adultery.  There is nothing in the 10 commandments that Hillary has not likely broken as a way of life.  To believe otherwise is to believe in the tooth fairy.  Maybe when she gets laughed down for her stupid idea of becoming a preacher she will try out for the part of tooth fairy.

Hillary is done.  But I do want to thank her for making her public demise so entertaining.  Cheers, Hillary!

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