Saturday, August 5, 2017

What is this war on cash really all about?

You've probably heard lots of people talking about the so called war on cash, the crackdown on cash and many other similar names.  And you've probably read how governments are supposed doing this using the excuse of catching the black marketeers and tax evaders off guard.  If there is one thing I know it's that governments are all pathological liars.  All of them.  They simply cannot tell the truth even when the truth would have been accepted.  Telling the truth is like asking for permission whereas lying your way through life gives the liar the feeling of power and control over those who believe the lies.

Governments really do have a war against the people going on but it's not a war on cash.  It's a war on savings.  The government does not want people to work and save.  It want's people to work and SPEND.  In fact it wants people to spend more than they earn.  You know why??  That's because people without  money are helpless.  When government orders them around they do what they are told.  But people with savings are not helpless.  If attacked they have a war chest to fight back with.  The government requires the illusion of law in order to get away with so many crimes.  Did Bush 2 just decide that he was going to invade Iraq??  NO!  First he had to find a way to make it legal and acceptable to the people because the people had to be convinced to do all the work while Bush and his co-conspirators sat back and collected all the rewards.

Because of this need for an illusion of laws people with money can use that system in order to protect themselves from tyranny.  If the people go though all of the proper legal procedures and are then denied victory even after winning under the rules laid out for us all to follow then credible word spreads quickly that the laws are fake.  That's when even the most gullible among us realize that we have been enslaved.

So the government does not want people with savings.  They want people who are leveraged through the nose.  When people save money, government calls it the "paradox of thrift".  What is the real paradox here?  Simply that it is not illegal for the people to save money yet when the people save money it detracts from government power.  When people spend and pay taxes using money they don't even have (i.e. debt) it makes government and corporations more powerful.

I've shown the velocity of money charts for M2 many times in this blog and the velocity is heading down, down, down.  That means money is being saved/hoarded.  This is what the war on cash is really against, not tax evasion in the black market.

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