Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Obama liberal shark jump is over.

Forget the antics of president Trump and his attackers.  Look at how the rules are being changed quietly and behind the scenes.  Today's evidence point is the roll back of an Obama administration attempt to use the banking system as a political weapon against legit gun and ammo dealers by placing the equivalent of economic sanctions against them for not buying into his idea that only government should own guns and the rest of us should be left defenseless to the likes of his whims.  Obama was a flat out traitor.

The best thing that could ever have happened to the USA was for Hillary to lose the election. If you think the unrest is bad now, you would not want to see would it could be like if Hillary were in charge using her new position as royalty to outlaw private gun ownership and going door to door trying to collect them.  That could easily have been the trigger for the breakout of the USA in a massive civil war.  The liberals right now are mad because their free lunch is over.  I understand them.  I would be mad too if I was counting on making my way through life at the expense of someone else only to find that the plan collapsed before I got my share of the Ponzi Payout.

But let's not compare that to what would happen if someone was to go door to door collecting guns from real conservative law abiding people.  I tell you that the gloves would come off and there would be running gun battles in the streets of these United States.  I for one had and have no intention of allowing anyone to disarm me without an exchange of force and I am quite sure I would not be the only one with that mindset, not even close.  There would be at least several million like me in the USA.  Good luck fighting that.

Live and let live but if that doesn't work watch the heck out for plan B.

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