Friday, August 4, 2017

Woah - Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu under investigation for major crimes.

Well if anyone was under any misconception about "the Jews controlling everything", your wake up call just arrived with the recent headline that Benjamin Netanyahu is being investigated for multiple serious crimes.  Among the various crimes I have seen listed across several articles on this matter are bribery, fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy to control the media, conflict of interest and a partridge in a pear tree.

When leveled at the head of a country these charges amount to high crimes or even treason.  The external control of a sovereign government via financially owning its leader should in all fairness carry the death penalty for treason, at the very least for the corrupt leader.  How else do you keep it from happening?  The temptation is just so great.

Who would ever have predicted that such a major world leader would be under this kind of pressure at this point?  Yeah, that's right.  I did.  Many times.  This is a HUGE validation of my world view and it is a huge sign that the global debt Ponzi has peaked.  It was debt that funded all these criminal government organizations but now that the conservative wave has overtaken the herd this is all ending.  The herd used to turn a blind eye to liberals gone wild but folks those days are over.

And just exactly how was this all brought about?  YES just as I predicted, Bibi's subordinate rolled over on him in exchange for immunity from prosecution: "For his assistance, the former aide, Ari Harow, "would receive immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes involving his own government relations firm," Haaretz reports.".  I friggin' nailed it, this is exactly what I said was likely going to happen.  The reason I nailed it was because the model through which I view big government - that of it being a liberal criminal enterprise, is the correct model to use. Period.

I don't know if Bibi is going under the bus over this but I will say that in the US everyone bandies criminal charges around like it was nothing.  But this is NOT true in Israel.  Getting charged with this kind of thing means that the Israeli police have the goods on Netanya-hoo (sic).  They got him by the short-and-sweaties folks or they would never have announced it in public.  The shameless US media and legal system have no problem floating a bogus charge just to do a smear job but I'm telling you that this is not the way it works in IL.

Netanyahu is in trouble and he knows it.  Look at how he is spinning it, as "a campaign to change the government".  Oh, that's right Bibi, this has nothing to do with you being a fucking crook and traitor.  This is about other people trying to change the government.  I guess you think you are the government.  That is a totally liberal view which is right in line with anyone connected to criminal elements in big government.

This is not going to end with Israel.  This pattern is going to play out over and over again across the world until finally it lands on the door step of the assholes in the most corrupt government (as measured by lives taken unjustly and amount of money stolen under force of government boot heel) in the world which is the US federal government.

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