Tuesday, August 8, 2017

California counties and the amazing over-unity voter to citizen ratio.

Eleven California counties have been outed by the Election Integrity Project California (EIPC) as having more registered voters than residents of voting age.  Judicial watch has now filed a letter based on the EIPC data to lodge an NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) complaint with CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla.  The letter presents an overview of the data (but not the details) and demands that Padilla, as the oversight authority over voting activities in CA, and the 11 accused counties take specific action to address these grievances under threat of lawsuit which will be backed by NVRA statutes.

In short, a few conservative Californians have had enough of the blatant liberal voter fraud which Hillary (and pretty much everyone except me) thought was going to win her the presidential election.  So these 22 private citizens banded together to form a small coalition that would pay legal fees to put a stop to the blatant fraud.  You see, the laws exist to make the right thing happen.  The problem is that normal people do not self organize to the degree, small as it may be, required to demand their enforcement.  Instead, people vent their frustration in blogs, comments to articles, and the like (me included!). 

Liberals are good at organizing for a goal - just like the big cat predators in the world.  They use the same tactics of shock and awe, many on one attacks, etc. in order to divide the herd and take down their game.  Conservatives are too busy producing things in order to spend that much of their lives "community organizing".  But when the threat becomes too great the conservatives finally awaken and when they do the liberal scatter like field mice. 

Alex Padilla is going to have to respond and react to the EIPC charges else Judicial Watch will indeed drag them into open court where it might get ugly.  If this has to get resolved in court then someone might start asking for more than just to repair the situation.  Someone might begin to ask how it got like this and who is behind it all.  Something like this shows a clear act of conspiracy to commit fraud.  If one of the underlings is sweated out under a spotlight and promised immunity then you never know where it will lead. 

Remember, Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion, not murder, larceny, extortion, running numbers and booze or any of the other crimes he was well known for having committed.

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