Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Brazil update [EWZ]

In this backlink I took the risk of challenging the common logic of the herd by pointing EWZ up while everyone else was freaking out about it in a negative way.  Despite the noise of people chattering their teeth in a negative way, I provided the chart model below.

The current actual chart is below.  We are now right at my price target.  Of course I played BRZU in order to get the leverage so my winnings on this trade are much better than for EWZ (I posted about the BRZU triple ETF in the subscriber blog). 

If you want to know what is likely to happen next, send me an email to captaincharts@gmail.com with "EWZ report" in the subject line and I will provide you a link to purchase a one time report on this ETF for only $15 which is less than half the usual custom single chart analysis price.  As you consider this offer, please re-read the backlink blog entry carefully and credit the fact that this move was completely counter-intuitive.  If you can't win in the stock market maybe its because you are looking at the wrong things.

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