Monday, August 28, 2017

Trump reverses late Obama administration limits on surplus military gear to cops

Douchebag Trump thinks he is making America great again by trying to restore the militarized police which Obama, reading the cards correctly, cut "surplus" military equipment flows off too.  In truth there is no such thing as surplus military equipment. The real goal is to continue to stimulate the economy by taking on more debt to produce this so called surplus.

Now, many freedom minded people will be saying, "Oh Shit, not again!  We don't need a militarized police force!!!".  But I urge those of you who might be tempted to think this way not to worry because my models say that it won't happen.

WHAT???  How in F can it not happen if Trump is opening the spigot again???

SIMPLE: it takes two to tangle in the tyranny.

Its in fact no different than the business of lending.  It doesn't matter if banks have low interest rate liar loans if the herd is not willing to take them up on it.  In the case of militarizing our local police, just having an open channel to acquire surplus gear is not enough.  The police have to take Trump up on his offer and my models say they will not do so in any large member.  In fact, I think that police in general will continue to distance themselves from being viewed as a paramilitary organizations.


Simply because that kind of thing is a liberal control freak paradigm and more conservative minds are now taking over.  Before when cops had all this equipment access and when they acted like Nazi Gestapo fucks, they did so with the blessing of their superiors who would make up any excuse to not prosecute a dirty cop for murder or other crimes.  But as we can see from many news stories of late, cops who continue to miss out on the message of the new direction are now going to jail without the protection that they once enjoyed.  In other words, a very bad trend in liberalism has peaked and those who didn't get the memo will be met with the conservative concept of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY going forward.

Rising liberalism turned the police forces into a bunch of pussies who ganged together in packs to bully the people.  These pussy cops will not do anything on their own.  They have no guts for personal risk.  It's only when the herd is headed in the direction of tyranny that cops jump aboard.  But with the herd reversing on that track, the cops are going to suddenly back down and start behaving more like Andy of Mayberry - something I have been predicting for a long time now was going to eventually happen.

Andy of Mayberry has no use for military machine guns and tactical gear.  He does not need a Humvee or a military bomb proof vehicle (MRAP).  He did not try to lead by intimidation but rather by setting a good example of honesty.  He cared about morality and fairness in law enforcement.  He wanted to work with the community instead of controlling it under his boot heel backed up by a bunch of hired thugs.

Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds crazy. I know a lot of people believe that Trump's move to open the spigot will result in a new big flow of military equipment to thug police.  But I see a bigger picture, one which is controlled by the Elliott wave principle and my wave models for this do not see another wave up in tyranny.  In fact, just the opposite.

Time will tell but I like my odds.

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