Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You think your problem in the coming years will be terrorists??

Please recall how many times in the past I have laid this out:

- Foolish liberals demand high compensation for their work

- In a rising trust environment of a growing trust con (confidence game based on trust), people begin to accept wimpy promises instead of actual payments.  Pension promises soar in locked step with the growth of the credit supply because people mistake credit growth for economic growth.  So why not promise labor whatever they want?   The economy will always "grow" in order to pay for it...

- At some point the credit peaks.  Banks become encumbered by bad debt and then have to be bailed out by the people.  But the political blow back is huge: liberals politicians are sent packing across the spectrum and a message is sent loud and clear by the people to the politicians: we are not going to pay for all of your sins.  

- The people who never cared about if or how or who was going to pay for all of the excesses begin to realize that if they just sit there stupidly it will be them.  And so they do the terrible deed: They begin to self organize outside of government and these new organizations begin to change minds and they change election results.  After all, if people are self organizing and self leading, the stock of politicians goes down big time.  As a result politicians are put on notice and in turn they put the bankers on notice.  The bankers don't want to be dragged before congress or thrown into jail in order to appease the crowd and so they begin to act a lot more conservative.  The SEC wakes up and begins to enforce the rules.  Scapegoats are roasted over public open pit fires and the conservative message is reinforced.

- All of this reduces the credit portion of the money supply.  All the efforts of central monetarists simply make the ever more conservative people ever more fearful.  And so the economy winds down in a self-reinforcing spiral.

- At some point the workers become economic obstructionists.  Since marginal players are hurt first and worst we see it happening in liberal Hell Holes like France first.   The result is supply chain interruptions and pain for the end consumer.  Not because there is not enough to go around.  Simply because promises are being broken left and right and those doing the work decide to make someone very unhappy about it besides themselves.

This will be our main problem in the coming years: pissed off liberals who foolishly believed in the Wimpy Promises that were told to them will disrupt the lives of everyone in a temper tantrum that basically says, "I know that haircuts will have to be taken but everyone else should bear the brunt because I'm going to get mine".

I have nothing to worry about middle eastern terrorists.  All preparations I have made (stored food, gold and silver, guns and ammo, fresh water capability, solar power generation) were made because I know that foolish liberals who believed in the lies told by their government-god will be very angry when the Mammon Money system lets them down.

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