Friday, May 13, 2016

Texas weighs in on Obama's push to normalize LGBT into society

Ever since N. Carolina made a law prohibiting gender changed people from using the bathroom associated with their new gender, the so called bathroom law has been making the news.  Of course, only an idiot thinks this is about transgenders and bathrooms.  What are we talking about here, .00000001% of the population?  Why such a stink over such a small section of the herd?

For the same reason, of course, that superpowers pick small shit hole countries and wage war against each other there, away from the homeland: money and power.  Do you really think Obama gives a shit about anyone other than himself???  Or Hillary or Trump?  Please! No, folks, this is about power and money and control.  It happens to be taking place in these kinds of issues for the exact reasons that I said they would happen: the prosperity that the herd has been enjoying from decades of borrow and spend liberalism is now focused at the top.  The middle and lower classes, the bulk of the herd, only see food and clothing and cars and housing go up in price while salaries stagnate.  As a response, stupid though it may be, leaders forcefully proclaim that they will fight to bring that $5 an hour slave job back from a 3rd world shit hole in order to give jobs to Americans.  This will supposedly make America great again...

Folks the lash back against the bathroom laws are just another sign that the liberal mood has peaked (or perhaps better to say the tolerance for it has peaked).  We've heard enough about the rights of the .000001.  We're tired of hearing about how an alternate life style which has no ability to reproduce is normal.  If we believed that then the planet would lose all life in a couple of generations.  Why?  Because it's not normal for more than a few percent of the population to engage in same sex relationships. If the ratio gets too high then the population will fall.  Gay people cannot perform the basic act of reproduction.  Again this is without assigning any "right" or "wrong" morality to anything.  It's just a fact.

One way that the liberal leadership has been able to control the herd is by picking winners and losers.  And the picking is done via the fake money supply.  Friends of liberal leader XYZ get the money, enemies don't.  Much of this is done through federal grants and if a liberal leader wants to coerce the states into doing something, it simply threatens to cut off the flow of Mammon Money.  This is what Obama did with the bathroom law thing.  You either follow his rules or educational funding is cut off to you.  Why is he doing this?  His actions hurt the 99% of students who are not transgender!  How is that in any way good for education or "the chillllldren"?  It's not.  And that's because it's about neither education or the children.  Its about power money and control.

One of the signs that the debt driven control of the elite is waning is when people begin to turn their bribes down.  Said differently, the bribes are no longer big enough for the local powers to be controlled by them.  As the people turn conservative in search of better prosperity, the leaders have to do so as well or they will be out on their useless asses.  So, as we see in Texas today, the politicians grandstand about not taking the "30 pieces of silver" from the federal government.  What's next, "I won't sell my soul to the Devil"??  Yeah, sure.  Unless the price is right.  None of these politicians are genuine.  They simply sway with the mood of the herd which is why I like to watch them because their actions reflect the mood of the many.

If you are controlling someone through the use of money the one thing you have to worry about is that the person being controlled will find a different source of income.  IF the feds persist on trying to control the local officials into doing liberal things despite a conservative swing by the constituency then it leaves the door open for the state to decide to break away and create its own fake money.  It's a big step but it happened to Russia in the 1990s and so there is nothing that says the United States can eventually become the divided states.  In fact, I think there is a good chance it will happen once the federal debt bomb finally explodes.

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