Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oklahoma passes bill criminalizing abortion.

And so the new conservative pendulum swing evidence de jour is out in the form of this story wherein OK legislators push the conservative agenda of criminalization of abortion.  What I think about it doesn't matter (imagine that - an American who realizes that his personal opinion is not very important... how rare!   ;  ).  What does matter is that many years of liberal thought creep are now being rolled back at a very rapid rate.  All of this tells me that the economy is worse than many imagine.  A happy, well fed herd does not care about conservative things.  It wants to be the grasshopper in that case and it wants to laugh at the ants.

But an economic winter is approaching and the laughter is about to end.  We can already see the first flurries in articles like this one.  And the loudest complainers of all will be the same damned ass hat liberals that caused the problems in the first place by not listening to conservatives (and of course I do not refer to GOP with the word conservative.  Most of them are liberals in action and in deed).

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