Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here's a freebie for the nonpaid blog [UUP]

It's been awhile since I provided any free market timing insights on the non paid site but once in awhile I think I should share a tidbit with the world.  The recent bottom in the dollar was an important one and my model says it will now head higher into 2017.

As this unfolds, think to yourself what you could be doing with daily insights into market moves like this before anyone else has a clue they are unfolding. 

You know where the subscribe button is.  For just 39.95/month which is the cost of just two round trip trades at TDAmeritrade, you can know the important trading turns like this. 

Now, if you are laughing at this because the dollar is a piece of shit fiat currency then I don't blame you because the dollar is in fact a piece of shit worthless debt note.  But the herd doesn't know that and the herd is what counts!  If you try to trade based on the so called fundamentals you will lose more often than not because, dear reader, neither you nor I nor anyone else on CNBC or other Financial Infotainment outlets has any clue what the REAL fundamentals are which move stock price.  This is why so many experts are correct ideologically but are wrong in the market place.  Being right about the fundamentals but wrong about market moves simply means you don't know anything about why and how markets move.

So yes, the dollar will eventually collapse along with all other crap ass fake paper money.  But right now my EW model says that the dollar is going up and my EW models are averaging about 70% correct.  In this case I'll say the odds of it being right are more like 85-90%.

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