Friday, May 6, 2016

More evidence of growing infighting at Elite, Inc.

Mish reports on a leaked letter whereby the IMF (AKA the USA; "International" is Elite-speak for "USA empire") told German creditors to forgive some of Greece's debt else the IMF will bail out of the bail out.

So this is how it goes in all organized crime peaks.  The top capo sees profits falling and so it tells minions to take one for the gipper.  Sometimes they comply but sometimes they realize that the gipper will just keep on asking for more and more, eventually bleeding the minion dry.  So instead of engaging in fearful compliance the minion shows up at the capo's house with a hit squad.  That's when the organized criminals begin a political and economic blood bath which spills out onto the street right in full view of Mark and Patsy who suddenly realize that all these assholes they have been supporting are in fact just assholes.

The whole thing is going to suck for everyone; let there be no confusion on this fact.  But still for some morbid reason I want to be in the front row seat with my popcorn to watch the f-ing sons of bitches tear each other apart.  Yes, I will be enjoying that aspect of it even though I know a lot of sheeple will end up as collateral damage.  That part, unfortunately, cannot be helped.

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