Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dear Brazil, don't trust anyone so easily!

Now that corrupt piece of $hit Dilma Rousseff has been impeached, the new, non elected interrim King Michel Temer is out calling for the people to trust him.  No, really, it's true!  After decades of corruption throughout the entire public sector, a new piece of shit steps up to the podium and wants to act like everything is better now just because the invisible hand decided to throw one of its minions under the bus in order to appease the angry masses who have been bearing the brunt of Brazil's scam-o-nomics for literally decades.

Temer, why should anyone trust you?  Only a fool would do that.  And what's up with the Buckaroo-Banzai-esque name?  In Spanish, which I happen to speak a little of, temer is the verb for "to fear".  So I checked Google translate and, yes, it has the same meaning in Portuguese.

So he says trust but is name subliminally says to fear the new king.

I have a better idea.  Give the new a$$hole an ultimatum: tear down the wall of secrecy between government and the people.  Open up ALL government files to public scrutiny.  FU and your national security fears temer!  That is just a cover, like it is in the US and ALL corrupt states, for being allowed to tax you and then use the money however they want for their own benefit.  People of Brazil, do not trust the fear monger.  Instead, turn the tables on him; make HIM and his cronies fear YOU, the people.  For you are the power of Brazil, not the lame-ass, do-nothing-but-talk elite.  All economic power comes from labor, not from elitism.  So I challenge you while you have them on the run, DO NOT just cave in like sheeple simply because they cut off the tip of their little finger in order to show you a bit of elite blood squirting (as if you should be impressed).  NOOOOOO!  Lots of elite must go down hard and go to jail and then the underpinnings of elitism in government must be destroyed.  Or do you want another 50 years of the same bullshit that you have been fighting to get out of?

The only way to do it is to tear down the secrecy, let the people know what the government has been doing, no exceptions.  No matter what it is they have done and are doing, the US has done 100x worse.  So there is no shame in making these people tell the truth.

And for God's sake, BE DONE with fake money!!!  This is your chance.  Tell Temer that unless he wants to be taken into the street by an angry mob that he will implement gold backed money in Brazil and then have it audited by the people in a way that cannot be gamed by government.  Then make it a constitutional law to never allow government to take on debt, no matter how wonderful the supposed need because it ALWAYS turns out bad for the people in the end.  And one more thing, GET YOURSELVES the RIGHT to keep and bear arms!  After all, how do you think it got so corrupt in the first place?  A government that knows its people are disarmed is a government that is easily corrupted.

So the first step is done, Dilma Rousseff has been impeached.  Now she must be jailed and she must be paraded around in prison clothing and chains.  Everything about her must be mocked with derision.  And then her minions must join her and then the books must be opened to the public, the currency must attain a gold backing, fractional reserve banking must be made a capital offense felony and the people must be allowed to own and carry guns without any permit process.

If Temer does all that then he can keep what will then be a figurehead position as president, all the power having been removed from it and restored to the people by my recommendations.


Augustine said...

I was surprised that Dilma was booted. The same corruption probe that led to hear predecessor and to her is also following the web to all levels of government, at the state and municipal levels. What all Brazilians have anecdotally known to be true has been proven. I never thought that I'd live to witness this change of course, hopefully to a radically different and redefining course. My litmus test is that Temer should have to step down before the year's end, since there are links to foreign financing, Cuba, of the Dilma-Temer ticket, which impugns their election and dissolves their parties. Without this event, Brazil will remain on the same side if the Rubicon and nothing even close to the ideals you posed would have any chance of coming true, on the contrary, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

The Captain said...


; )

Seriously, I hope you send a link to this post to all your friends down there so they know what they should be asking for. How many of them do you really think understand what has been going on and how to fix it for good?

1 in 1000, maybe.

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