Thursday, May 12, 2016

Government wants airlines to take one for the gipper

As the marginal players in the marginal sectors (cough cough Macy's) continue to tank, government wants to show the people that it is fighting the big mean corporations.  It seems that government thinks airlines are making too much money and are thus bad for vote pandering purposes and so now it is making up lame reasons why airlines should stop charging for baggage.

Yes, that's right, a couple of useless worms posing as US senators want someone else to take a financial hit so that they can be viewed in a positive light by ever-less-happy voters.  And so they are trying to do an end around on the airlines by telling them that their fees cause people to push more stuff through the security lines.  While some of that may be true, why not just make security more efficient?  That is the logical answer. 

Now, I couldn't care less about airline profits.  But I do care about private property and private sector business.  Government should not be able to tell airlines how to run their business or what to charge.  Government should look inward for ways to cut costs, not just pick winners and losers in the private sector to either assist or to vilify and then to steal from.

But no worries, government officials will gladly take bribes and kickbacks to make these attacks go away.  And so if the attacks suddenly stop you can pretty much guess why.

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