Thursday, May 19, 2016

Still think 9-11 is over/forgotten?

Think again.  Because the US economy is slowly swirling the toilet, the powers that be are increasingly pandering to the wishes of the American people.  The latest proof point in this is that Congress passed a bill allowing families of 9-11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for their potential part in the insider job that was 9-11.  There are a lot of "ifs" in there including "if the Saudis are found to be responsible for aiding the attacks".

But now that lawsuits can be waged someone is going to invest a lot of money in researching and investigating what really happened.  We may never know the full truth but we will certainly learn something that nobody thought was possible - it was state sponsored terrorism and it probably occurred with the knowledge of and potentially support of factions of the US government.  I have been predicting this would be the case for several years now and this latest news, which comes with extreme push back and open warnings from the Saudis that they would dump US assets if targeted like this, is proof that real progress is being made toward busting that scam wide open.

The start of the petro dollar was US-Saudi cooperation.  We could be seeing the beginning of the end of the petro dollar if US-Saudi relations break down.  If this happens, what do you think will become of all those fake paper bank notes that we sent out into the world for the past 80 years?  That's right, they will all come home to roost.

First a deflationary crash and then massive if not hyperinflation.  This has been my prediction for a long time, my so called supernova economy.  Deflation has certainly ravaged commodities but deflation never lasts forever.  The dollar has one more big move up but after than I suspect it will be very wise to be out of dollars and into gold and silver coins.


Anonymous said...

Diversion from the truth and a 2nd "bogeyman" that serves a purpose. I don't believe they let it out by accident.

The Captain said...

Agree, not accidental. But not because they wanted to either. Rather because of exactly what I predicted the reason would be: the con man government has to increase the confidence of an ever less head-in-cloud liberal population and ever more skeptical conservative/not easily bullshitted population. Without some truths being told and without some real promise of a better deal for the conservative working class the elite will find themselves in the middle of a very bad pitchfork revolution that is being fought with AR-15s.

The US is unlike any other country in the world in this one ridiculously important aspect. All other countries are populated by essentially disarmed citizenry and thus many of them are finding or will find themselves Venezuela-ed. In other words, fucked beyond all belief and beyond control control by a government that has no intention of leaving because it has the guns and the people have sticks and stones with which to argue their complaints.

If there is one example of "American Exceptionalism" this and this alone is it. But it is such a big deal that it is almost all you need in order to in fact be exceptional. The US 2nd amendment is ALL. It and it alone is a statement of freedom. Everyone else in the world is essentially a slave for their elite. If the people don't like the deal they are getting they can complain but the response will be a rifle butt in the face and then a stomp down to make the lesson stick. In the US the elite live by the grace of the people and if the people don't get a better deal soon then it could turn out that many elite do not survive the ordeal.

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