Friday, May 20, 2016

No guns? Be careful what you think, say or do.

An unarmed people is an enslaved people or one that could be enslaved easily at any time the minute that they don't do as they are told by their government "protectors" (AKA protection racket).  Today's proof point of this fact is presented in this story in which a Thai woman was scooped up by police for insulting the monarchy.  Her chosen words of insult and derision were "I see".  Gee, if she is in trouble for that then what would happen to me if I told the elitist M-Fs what I thought of them?  Public beheading?

Seriously though, these things happen in 3rd world shit holes because the populations are all defenseless.  In fact many of them would be little bits of paradise if not for the slave factor.  For those anti-gun folks who might happen upon my blog I would respectfully ask you this: what is worse, the threat of gun violence by an armed populace or the certainty of violence against the unarmed populations?

Ah but don't worry about a thing!  She'll be right as the Aussies might say.  How do I know?  Because her friends and family are holding candle light vigils in her name, of course!  What else would an unarmed slave do but pray to the criminal government for lenience and mercy?  The whole thing is just sick and wrong.  If government takes anyone from my family for something like that then they have declared war with me.  Not the kind of war where 1 guy goes up against a squad of heavily armed storm troopers.  No!  Asymmetric warfare is what they would get from me.

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