Monday, May 9, 2016

Did you ever see so many elitists jumping ship this quickly before?

Mish reports that the chancellor of Austria has now resigned.

These are the early/smart departures.  This is the less determined lions bugging out before any of their members have gotten seriously f-ed up.  This was depicted in Kruger within the red circle.  A kick was thrown and that lion smartly bugged out.  But those dumb asses in blue failed to see how the crumbling solidarity meant their rein was to be short lived and dangerous so they continued trying to kill the calf, growling and spitting and glaring at the no longer frightened herd.  You know, just like the wizard of Oz.

Well, if you watched that video on any of the several times I posted links to it for its teaching value then you will recall what happens shortly afterward.   Emboldened by having scared some of the attackers off, the herd closes in on the remaining attackers and then finally turns the tables on them tossing some of them high in the air with their horns.

The horns are coming for the elite.  Watch and see.

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