Friday, December 15, 2017

Sexual harrassment witch hunts.

It is absolutely comical the way that liberals in both the GOP and DEM parties as well as liberal factions of society like Hollywood have come crashing to Earth in the wake of a massive wave of sheeple coming forward with their sexual harassment claims of 5, 10, 20 or more years ago.   In some cases the accusers were real victims.  In other cases they were just people who decided to whore themselves out at the time in order to achieve their life goals and now live in remorse about it.  I recently read an article where the woman said the guy "used his power" to get what he wanted.  By that of course she simply meant that he gave her terms: "Whore yourself out to me and I will help you get ahead.  But if you don't then I won't help you.  You will be on your own.".  That lack of special treatment in absence of sexual payment is what they are calling harassment these days.  In most cases I read about, the accused did not go after the accuser in a negative way; instead they just withheld special treatment.  There are exceptions as in this story where the woman was accused of firing the guy in a past job for his failure to sleep with her  but most of the time there is no negative backlash for not complying; there is simply no positive benefit which could have been exchanged for the favor of sex.

Again, I have no sorrow for people who, when presented with the option to disgrace themselves in order to further their careers, take said option and then decide to complain later because the eventual rewards did not crack up to expectations.  While I was working for AMD I was a stand out fighter of the good old boy system.  I was told that I needed to go along to get along.  The exact words used on me by my useless crony boy manager when trying to get me to side with the useless political crowd were, "there be dragons out there" (I still feel like punching his lights out when I recall that meeting...).  I knew he was right but cronyism is just not in my DNA.  I could simply not whore myself out like that and so during the big collapse of 2008 they got rid of me and my whole team calling me "too strategic".  That was just a few months after having gotten the prestigious AMD President's Award for the work I was doing.  

So yeah, I got fucked for sticking to my principles but at least I didn't have to lower my standards and live life like the greasy, shitty politicians which thrive in many large corporate environments.  It was definitely a financial hit though.

Quoting the article linked above, "Meredith Kelly, the communications director of the D.C.C.C., said in an emailed statement: “Members and candidates must all be held to the highest standard. If anyone is guilty of sexual harassment or sexual assault, that person should not hold public office.”"  You know, I have to agree with her.  And I think it should hold true for both GOP and dem.   So I hereby claim that by being completely corrupt and thus fucking the American people, all current politicians should be required to step down from their positions and give up their lifetime pensions paid for by the victims, namely, we the people.

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