Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fake political correctness is gone.

Watch this entertaining video as Chairman of the Pa. House State Government Committee Rep. Daryl Metcalfe politely and respectfully but firmly tells obvious flamer Democratic Chairman Matt Bradford to stop touching him.  Metcalfe goes so far as to call obviously gay Matt Bradford gay and tells him to keep his gay touches to his side of the aisle where they might be more welcome.  Gay Bradford acts all shocked and surprised that real men do not like to be gay touched like that and that they would have the balls to clearly but respectfully call his gay ass out on the matter.

Some people will look at this video and say "homophobe overreacted". Metcalfe obviously knew this was going to be played on him so he immediately created another vid to explain that this was not the first time that Bradford had been touching him.  So the facts are that Bradford had actually showed a good deal of tolerance leading up to the point where it just had to be made to stop once and for all.
Many people are brainwashed by the last 40-50 years of rising liberalism such that they have forgotten the concept of respecting other people's personal space.  Liberals believe they are entitled to do whatever they want and that questioning them for it is some kind of social sin.  But when someone touches you like that it is an attempt to disarm you and show fake comradeship.  That kind of gentle clasping and holding move is what a man might do to a boy or a woman who is speaking out when they should be silent.  Real men do not accept that kind of move being put on them by other men. 

While I think that gay people have the right to be gay and to live their life their way free of people like me telling them what to do and how to live, this freedom ends when it steps on the rights of another.  My personal space is mine and I do not like it when people stand in my face, put their hand in my face or touch me like Metcalfe was being touched.  Call it an overreaction if that is the only excuse you can come up with but I could just as easily characterize it as unwanted sexual advances.  Those moves are EXACTLY the kind of thing you see in corporate training vids that teach people about the subtle ways that people can be feel sexually harassed.  Check out this link that discusses inappropriate touching in the workplace:


Other than overt grabbing or pinching of breasts, groin, or buttocks (which most would agree constitute sexual harassment), there are other forms of physical contact should be avoided at work, including:
  • Hugging
  • Kissing (even on the cheek)
  • Stroking
  • Massaging
  • Back-patting
  • Hair-ruffling
  • Handshakes held too long
  • Linking arms
  • Light (or otherwise) slapping of the buttocks
  • Hip bumping
  • Putting an arm around someone’s shoulders or a hand on their arm
  • Holding someone’s hand
  • Poking or pointing with a finger
Note that this list applies regardless of gender.

In the past when liberalism was running things, people would have put up with the abuse but those days are over.  Fake political correctness is gone now.

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