Saturday, December 16, 2017

Suddenly it seems WaPo is moving toward the center on gun control reporting

During the rise and peak of global liberalism, news media outlets turned into nothing more than propaganda outlets designed to keep their readers going down a certain way.  But even the biggest liberal fool, be they dem or GOP, will only stay hypnotized so long.  It's like the Thai crocodile handlers who know what the crocs usually do and then leverage it into a control mechanism so that the handler can make money from tourists.  It seems to work over and over again and just about the time that the handler thinks they actually control the wild beast, this happens.  It doesn't happen often but it does happen with significant regularity such that you would think that crocodile handlers would choose other work but the pay is good while the play is good and so off they go.   Just like liberals.  Off they go taking advantage of the situation until the arm gets snapped in half and then they run for cover.

We are now clearly in the run for cover phase of the game.  Peak liberalism has piled up a huge number of skeletons and the herd is all of a sudden not quite so stupid as it once appeared to the elite.  In fact, all it now takes is just one no-name nobody from the herd with some vocalized grievance (whether it is true or not) to stand up and say "me too" and the rest of the herd pounces on the accused without any hesitation.

The liberal elite see this and those with any brains, be they dem or GOP hypsters, figure out that this is not the time to be a lying piece of shit.  So they start to repair their game and begin to act more conservatively.  Keep in mind that conservative behavior has NOTHING to do with whether you are registered dem or GOP politically.  It is part of the big lie that these political lines have anything to do whatsoever with the concepts of liberal behavior vs conservative behavior.  As I have explained in the past, everyone has liberal and conservative traits regardless of their political leanings.  Being loose with the truth is clearly a liberal trait.  Sticking to the truth and only the truth is clearly a conservative trait.  With the number of lying a-holes in government, Trump included, you can see how I do not call our current big government spend fest a conservative thing.

Today's evidence point that conservatism is being required by more and more of the herd is found in this story about liberal propaganda rag Washington Post.   It it, the NRA states that WaPo's track record for telling the truth about gun control is very poor.  However, it also clearly states that for about 1 year now WaPo has been doing a much better job of telling the truth on this political hot button.  In summary, the NRA concluded that, "Pelosi’s dishonest tweet [about the concealed carry reciprocity bill] earned her a well-deserved three out of four Pinocchios from the Post.".  So the NRA essentially said that they thought that WaPo's coverage of the matter was fair and balanced.

And so we will continue to see things happen.   And not because WaPo is any less corrupt today than it was a year ago!  NO NO NO!  The corruption simply has to be placed on the back burner until the next cycle because the WaPo (and other liberal establishment icons) trust bank is very low on equity and the truth must actually be told for a while in order to regain confidence of its readers.  Without this obvious shift in policy, WaPo would find itself bleeding readership on its way to insolvency very quickly.  WaPo has essentially been forced by its awakening readership to do the right thing, just like I predicted would be the case several years ago.  This is not going to be a short term thing.  It will become self reinforcing over the coming years, just like the slide into all out liberalism over the past 50+ years was a self reinforcing move within the human herd.

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