Monday, December 11, 2017

Trump un-invites LBGTQ

It should come as no surprise to my readers that the new conservatism is taking real form in the Trump administration.  Not that Trump is conservative, he's not.  But he is a showman and he does know how to play for the crowd.  So if his peeps don't care about LBGTQEIEIOMOUSE then neither does he have to.  And so he has uninvited them from his Christmas party which will, incidentally, not feature creep rainbow lights across the white house.

These things seems small and individually they are small.  But over time they add up.  It's like having a favorite son who you praise and follow and attend his sporting events and give him the better presents on birthdays, etc.  They all seem petty small things but then you find out at the end that he has become the sole inheritor of the big will.  It's the same with government favoritism.  Not long ago the IRS got busted for stacking the deck against conservatives.  Sometime in the future we are going to see just the opposite happening.

I personally wish government had no power to pick winners and losers but as long as everyone keeps accepting their fake money in exchange for their goods and labor the government is going to stay in charge and it will retain the ability to corruptly and purposefully tilt the playing field one way or the other.  Right now things are still so kiltered to the liberal side that I do not mind seeing some force applied to reverse this trend.  But I would like to see that force stop when there is a fair balance again and I'm quite sure that this is not going to happen.  When liberals had the upper hand they played it too damned hard in the face of conservatives and so to think there will not be any overshoot the other way is to not understanding anything at all.

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