Friday, November 10, 2017

Wow, the stars just keep falling out of the sky.

Louis CK has been one of the most successful and sought after stand up comics of the past decade.  But now the liberal tide has gone out and he has been caught skinny dipping.  Like many Hollywood liberals, CK is a sexual deviant according the the news on what he has been accused of doing.  I don't care to repeat it here because its not important to my point. 

What is important is what is happening and the speed at which it is unfolding is truly historic.  Folks, step back and think about the level of iconoclasm that is taking place globally.  First we saw the Duck Dynasty win out over liberal A+E and I took that as a major sign of things to come and also predicted that the events would speed up exponentially in time and in important.  Then, also as I predicted, Hillary lost and it wasn't even close.  Then Cosby got busted for rape and now a huge number of liberal Hollywood perverts, some with very big names and star power are going down in flames.  Add to that the current historic political eruption as Saudi royal family are being rounded up for corruption like they were redneck bar room drunks.  Their homes are being raided and they are being led off in cuffs.

Folks, these are not small deals.  They are freaking huge.  They are Earth shattering.  Nobody in the world is not seeing this and it is sending a huge 3rd wave message to the herd: your past sins will leap up out of the closet and take you down in an eye blink.  Rampant corruption and illegal behavior is no longer going to be protected by the establishment. The herd wants heads to roll and heads are freaking rolling.

This is a warning that goes well past the things we can see today.  This is the beginning of the unraveling of major US conspiracies including, as I have always said it would during the end times of the global debt Ponzi, the truth about what really happened during 9-11.  Even the recent Vegas shooting is now being looked at by many in the media like something is wrong with the official story and a very, very important question is now being asked of the police: are you complicit or just incompetent?  This is also huge because it used to be that someone would accuse the cops of being corrupt and their leadership would deny it and so the media would say, well I guess there's your answer.  But those days are over.  The hard questions are being asked now.  As I said, expect a massive return and resurgence of investigative reporting.  The herd wants to hear true dirt, not fake news, not happy talk, but true and proven corruption stories.  It wants to observe the prosecution and punishment that goes along with it.  Conservatives are tired of being Mr. Nice Guy and then apparently falling behind because they would join into the lie-cheat-steal-pedo trend of liberals. 

It's like the next door neighbor who has a shit job and who is not very smart but he lives in a nice house with a big mortgage.  The neighbor puts in a big pool on credit.  The neighbor drives a nice car that he can barely make the monthly payment on and he parties all the time on his credit card.  It can be very difficult for conservative savers to watch all this going down and then look in the mirror each day and see themselves getting older and weaker without having all the fun that they could have had if they would just set aside their moral principles and join the liberals.  So what we are now seeing is the revenge of the conservatives.  We are seeing people finally get justice for their acts.  This is going to spread to all aspects of society.  Eventually it will collapse the stock market as well.  The gamblers are all going down in a fiery ball and those who have been avoid the corrupt markets will be watching it with satisfaction.

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