Monday, November 6, 2017

Truely massive and historic anticorruption bust takes place in Saudi Arabia.

The elite world is being rocked right now as its stars are falling out of the sky.  It's like watching a Perseid meteor shown.  PLEASE step back away from the individual news items and think:
  • What is happening, really, at one layer of abstraction above the headlines?
  • How can so many huge names across so many industries and sectors - all of them seemingly unassailable made men - be flopping around on the public stages as fish out of water?
  • Why now?  Why so many broadly based collapses of corruption at once?

Long time readers of my blog will recognize these signs from me writing about them over the past 7 years but for new readers the criminal elite know that the public has been pushed very hard on this elitist corruption cycle.  They know in order for any of the current elite to survive an increasingly likely popular uprising that they have to begin policing themselves again.  Like any organized criminal element running a criminal conspiracy, when there are not enough fools to believe in and support the oligarchy, they eat their own.  They infight for the diminishing power that is given to them, yes GIVEN to them by the herd.

What power does an elite have if nobody recognizes it?  What fake loyalty does their money buy when people no longer value the Mammon money over their personal integrity?

At the same time, the people are indeed rising up.  Look at all the cowardly sheeple in Hollywood who were sexually abused by powerful but corrupt "stars" who now, only after seeing cover in numbers by the braver members of the abused having already come forth, are now flowing out of the closet in a river of skeletons to come back and take down their abusers.  It is absolutely amazing to me to see this unfolding even though I know exactly why it is happening.  I have proved that I know because I predicted the kinds of things we would see and now we are seeing them around the world.

Hollywood's troubles are happening first simply because it is marginal to Washington DC.  The marginal elements of the herd are affected the first and the worst.  Now the Saudi world is rocked by the arrest of government officials (AKA "ministers") and even a good number of members of the royal family including well known international investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.  The charge?  CRIMINAL CORRUPTION.

What we see are new leaders bypassing the existing impotent old men who are letting their cartel slip over the abyss and who are risking total chaos by doing so.  The article states, "The overhaul was kick-started by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has bypassed senior royals to become the kingdom’s predominant leader, after a plunge in crude prices strained Saudi Arabia’s finances and forced the energy-rich nation to confront the realities of life after oil."

Well there you have it.  Their income stream has collapsed and thus they are at increasing risk of having to cut off the average Saudi citizen from the welfare payments that have been dosing their world with easy money for decades.  These corruption reforms only happen at times like this and their purpose is to signal to the herd that things are changing for the better, that the corrupt are meeting justice, etc.  That's the story they are selling.  But their real goal is to keep the people from rising up, grabbing these useless royal asses by their tunics into the street and shooting them in the face.

Normally these tactics tend to work but it is far from assured this time.  Why?  Because there is a wave count - a valid count that suggests that the soon to be obvious market top is not just a buy the dip opportunity but rather stockmageddon. 

As these events play out keep in mind how I predicted the really big fish will be taken down which is that their lower level minions will roll over on them in order to save themselves from jail.  Someone who wasn't supposed to know something (and therefore escaped being killed by the Clinton hit squad) will give someone with the balls the dirt they need to bring down America's largest political dynasties right along with corporate heads and high ranking members of the military.  If you see an increase in people in places of high political, financial or military value suddenly (i.e. before their normally appointed time) deciding to spend more time with the wife and kids then recognize it for what it is: rats fleeing a sinking ship.  Such is the case with William C Dudley who currently chairs the most powerful bank (the NY fed) that make up the federal reserve criminal enterprise.  Being a slick dick moneyman, he knows when to get out and he also knows enough to blame Trump on the way out for the problems that must certainly come soon as the fake money system teeters on the brink not just here in the US but globally.

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