Thursday, November 9, 2017

A$$hole Biden acts like the presidency was his for the taking.

Here is an amusing story where Biden says "I regret that I am not president".  The implication is that if he had just decided to put the country above the love of his family that he would have won the presidency.

First let me make something clear: Biden is an obvious elitist pedo.  Everyone knows it.  Look at his hands on the children and look at the reactions of those involved.  What must they have been thinking to make those faces?  Even the children pulled away from his groping.  What would you be thinking if "Stranger Danger" creepo Biden was left alone in a room with your children?

Biden was never going to win the presidency.  The herd could not put up with more hyper liberalism.  I can say this with authority because I was one of the very, very few who were convinced early on that Hillary could not possibly win and stated it clearly.  When others were fearful, I was not.  This is a matter of public record and it should serve to give my views weight that not every member of the herd can claim right to.  No I'm sorry, not everyone's opinions and views are correct or right minded despite the fact that everyone believes their opinion is just as valid as everyone else's (as if such a thing were a human right, etc.).  It's not.  Respect for one's views must be earned and the greatest respect is historically awarded to those whose views initially seem so impossible to happen yet in fact things play out as predicted.  This is not mean as a brag but rather as plain talk about facts of life.  Liberals will be offended by it but conservatives will say, "yeah, that's just common sense if you think about it".

Biden is a flaming liberal pedophile a$$hole.  He had no chance of winning in 2016 and his weak posturing of late to position himself for a 2020 run will also fall flat.

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