Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hillary bought the DNC and rigged the democratic nomination.

Well here it comes folks, the final karate chop to Hillary's corrupt decades of political prostitution as Elizabeth Warren (and others) accuse Hillary of taking over the DNCto "rig" the nomination for Hillary.  Oh how here little brain washed worshipers must be crying in their cheerios to see the likes of Warren taking this kind of shot at queen wannbe Hillary.  How gullible and stupid they must feel now for having listened to one lying word uttered from her corrupt pie hole.

Of course those are the headlines but what is more important is what is actually happening: the organized criminal cartel known as big government is in full collapse and the mechanism for its collapse is just what I predicted it would be in posts like this one: infighting.  How did I know this was going to happen?  Simple: that's the way all criminal cartels finally collapse.  And make no mistake, big government is a criminal cartel.  That fact will be revealed in detail in the coming years.  The truth will come out and it will be used as a way to buy back all the trust and confidence that is going out the window right now.

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