Thursday, November 30, 2017

Perhaps the biggest crash alarm I have ever seen on Bitcoin...

When people get wildly emotional about a financial asset trouble is not far away.  Just read the drivel that counts as "news" on Yahoo finance. 

  • "Owning bitcoin is so much damn fun".
  • "If the party never ends, it doesn’t really matter if you show up late."
  • "there have been a lot of nauseating declines, and every one of them has been followed, eventually, by a rebound to new highs. This could go on for a while."
  • "even if bitcoin collapses and I lose everything, it will have been a delightful and rewarding experience"
How does such emotional, useless, pointless drivel become a link on Yahoo finance?  What a freaking joke.  Smart people are saying bitcoin is a fraud but Mark and Patsy think it is "fun" to own.

Just unbelievable.  This is how wacky-positive, kan't-lose nothing can go wrong the investor mood is right now.  The mood is at all time highs.  All I know is that all the stocks in the market are actually worthless regardless of their current dollar price and at some point those who have bought into the stock con will rue the day they ever heard of the stock market.

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