Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dems claim victory with New Virginia Governor

Democrats are celebrating the victory of Ralph Northam as the new governor of VA.  Why?  Because the badge on his podium says that he is on "their side".  This is being pushed by the liberal media as a win for liberals but in fact its just what I expected would happen. 

The move toward conservatism is not overnight.  The entire democratic party is not going to all quit and register as republicans.  But in order to win votes they damned sure need to edge away from the crazy extreme left and move toward the center as a first step.  The smart ones will do this as a tactical retreat thinking that when then wind blows the other way they can go left again.  So they are making compromises in their supposed convictions.  Of course, their only real conviction is staying in power.  Thus I maintain that they are all basically whores, GOP and dem alike.  Some are just more flagrant than others.

In any case, it should not surprise my long time readers to learn that the NY Times article which discusses Northam's win states, "Mr. Northam, 58, is a moderate member of his party... The governor’s race was shaken by a pair of seismic events: a march on Charlottesville by torch-carrying white supremacists in August, and Mr. Gillespie’s surprise embrace in the final weeks of Trumpian anti-immigration themes.  Mr. Northam stumbled a bit in his response to both. After saying he would work to remove monuments to the Confederacy, he backtracked and said the decision should be left to local officials. And, under a barrage of TV attack ads accusing him of supporting “sanctuary cities,” he indicated that he would sign a bill banning them, which earned him scorn from some left-wing groups."

As you can see, this guy is not a dyed in the wool liberal who spews the Obama-Clinton red socialist line.  Instead, he's walking a centrist tight rope between rabid assholes on the left and rabid assholes on the right.  He's still a liberal no doubt.  You can tell that simply because of the words, "he backtracked".  Conservatives say what they mean, mean what they say and do not change their minds based on peer/herding pressure.  Liberals say whatever they have to say in order to achieve their goals.  So he's still a liberal but he's CLEARLY listening to the right wingers as well.  It will soon be at the point where you can no longer win any election with extreme left leaning views.

I do want to take a minute and state for the record that I think white supremacists are about the stupidest fucking morons on the planet.  The stupidest thing you can do is hate another person for no good reason.  With that said, I don't hate them and I do think they should be allowed their spew.  I just think they are stupid idiots.  BIG difference.  In order for me to build hate on someone they have to threaten my way of life or that of my family.  A bunch of drunk rednecks running around in sheets is more of a Halloween party than any real threat to anyone.  Rabid liberals are more likely to do people harm than redneck W.S. these days.

Folks who are actually better than everyone else for the herd don't need to go around parading the fact.  They instead simply do things that make things better for everyone.  Does that mean that I think everyone is made equal??  Not hardly.  Equal in the eyes of G-D?  Yes, certainly, and we will all get to experience that at the end of our lives (even atheists and agnostics).  

But equal in contribution toward making life in the human herd better for everyone and not at the expense of anyone else?  NO.  Some people have no skills, no drive, nothing of value to offer.  They live meaningless lives of consumption without production.  Do I think they should be killed as "useless eaters"?  No, that is not my right.  But should anyone listen to them even though they have no track record of doing anything meaningful or useful?  No, I do not think that just being alive means that a person's uneducated gut opinion has any value.  Should they be allowed to speak?  Well yes of course.  But I think Billy Joel nailed it when he sang, "you can speak your mind but not on my time".

Elon Musk, for example, is trying to make everyone's life better.  He plowed his PayPal fortune into a bunch of companies which actually do something beneficial even if they are not cash cow business.  Again if you want to make money without taking huge risk you stay away from space and you don't enter the US car market and compete against the incumbents.  Musk may fail in everything that he's doing but he's a real person, a real soul, a real leader who truly wants to make a difference even if he never makes a profit doing it.  He risked his own money for this and I admire him for his clearly stated and clearly acted on convictions.  He is not a do as I say and not as I do person. 

But getting back to the main theme of this post, I expect to see other similar democrats win here and there but in each case you will find someone who is center leaning going forward.

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