Thursday, November 9, 2017

This is what news articles look like in an increasingly conservative herd mood swing.

When you think about all the stories that could be posted about rock stars for herd consumption, conservative behavior is not generally been at the top of the list.  When the herd was embracing massive liberalism, however, the stories that you would read showed rockers in a liberal light: cheating on their spouses, tearing up hotel rooms, sex drugs and rock and roll for everyone.

It's not the media's fault really.  They put out stories and then gauge the reactions. If the story is well read and well liked and often quoted you can bet that we will see more of same.  Why?  Because these reactions indicate that the herd likes what it is seeing and if you want to be successful in retail, you sell what the customer is buying.

So it might seem strange to some that a radical change in story lines is now happening.  You can see it at places like Washington Post where their stories are moving away from the left and now toward the center.  In 10 years it will be almost unrecognizable as the liberal rag that it has been over many years past.

Going forward you should expect to see a lot more stories discuss the conservative side of all things.  Today's evidence point is this story about a famous rocker from Nirvana and Foo Fighters.  The story uplifts and glorifies a very conservative viewpoint and real life style of a famous music idol.  Dave G comes off as humble and unassuming not in your face let's rock this place.  He sounds like the guy next door.  There is a reason for this: the herd wants to move conservative.  I predicted it would happen and now it is happening.  It is a generational move.  The liberals have peaked for this cycle and now the pendulum swings to the right (and all the goes with it).

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