Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Look at these bankster cockroaches scurrying away!!!

When in the past 50 years have you ever seen 3 powerful bankers just decide to up and walk away from their positions of power, prestige and wealth?  Well its happening right now.  Oh, maybe its just a coincidence!  Yeah right.  More like rats leaving a sinking ship.  I won't be surprised if some of these con men move to non-extradition countries.  If I were them I certainly would.  And I would convert most of my wealth to physical assets like gold and silver so that a new government cannot freeze their electronic assets with the mere stroke of the pen.

When Mark and Patsy finally realize how screwed they have gotten by the fraudulent con game known as fractional reserve banking they are going to be spitting mad.  They are going to tell their new leaders to "do something" and those new leaders will do something - whatever they can - in order to appease their new constituents.

Run, Janet Yellen.
Run, William Dudley.
Run, Stanley Fiacher.
Run all you corrupt banksters because history shows that when you screw the gullible little sheep too hard that at some point they snap.  They lose respect for any authority of any kind.  They fight openly and physically on airplanes (something that people used to be very afraid to do because of the consequence).  But now its almost commonplace.  They shoot up mass gatherings like in Florida and Vegas and now even a Texas church (where nobody was armed to be able to protect themselves and the shooter knew it).  Heck, Rand Paul's neighbor just kicked the crap out of him for no apparent reason (at least that's what the headlines are saying).  Rand ended up with several broken ribs and his team is acting like it was no big deal.  People have died many times from broken ribs poking into their organs and we are supposed to believe that this level of assault is no big deal??  Rand Paul is de-escalating this for some reason.  But the important thing to note is that his neighbor beat the crap out of a sitting senator and they are talking about a hand slap punishment.  A few years ago he would have been given 10-15 years with no chance of parole.

People are losing their fear and that can be a damned scary thing if they've been "Celented".  In other words, if they have lost hope and they thus think they have nothing left to lose, they "lose it".  This is what Gerald Celente said would eventually happen and now its happening.

I'm waiting for the big dirt to turn up on some of our biggest political names.  A lot more faith is going to be lost in our utterly corrupt government before this is over.  The signs are all there for everyone to see.

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