Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bad Apple gets outed [AAPL]

Everyone must pay their fair share of taxes we are told.  Some of it is true.  We do need some form of military even if it could be 20% of current size and expense and still keep us as safe as we can be kept. There are a couple other things we need a small government for as well.  But in order to pay for any government at all, someone has to give the government money.

But now we are seeing that Wall St. and America's darling corporation - Apple computer thinks that is should be everyone but them.  They have recently been outed by the so called paradise papers:

"The leaked papers show that in March 2014 Apple's legal advisers sent a questionnaire to Appleby, an offshore finance law firm, asking questions such as was it possible to "obtain an official assurance of tax exemption" and could it be confirmed that an Irish company might "conduct management activities… without being subject to taxation in your jurisdiction".

Well there you have it, liberal gay CEO Tim Cook wants his customers to pay all the taxes that government demands but he doesn't want to pay his fair share at the corporate level.  Do as I say and not as I do.  Very liberal.

I think that this revelation is going to turn a lot of people off of Apple.  Their products have been better for many years thus allowing Apple to keep sky high prices.  Its past product success has been keeping the intimidation factor alive - in other words Apple has been resting on the laurels that Steve Jobs created.  Tim Cook is a loser and Apple products have languished under his oversight.  Peak Apple is very near folks and the stock price will begin to show it soon because nobody will want to side with a sneaky tax evader even if they found a way to do it legally.

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