Sunday, January 22, 2017

It wasn't even close.

Since the final tally is now apparently official I think that my long standing prediction that Hillary would lose the US election and that "it shouldn't even be close" can now be put into the history books as another prescient correct prediction by me about future events based on my Elliott wave modeling of many things.  If you care to fact check me on this, here is the backlink that can take you through the progression of posts back to the original statement.

By the way, just forget the popular vote count because according to the rules, it just doesn't matter.  Trump read the rules and the defined a clear strategy to win by these rules, not some other factors that were not part of the rules (like popular vote).  Trump has stated several times that if the rules had stated up front that popular vote was going to be the deciding factor that he would have campaigned differently and spent more time in liberal strongholds like California and NYC.  I think the vote would have been closer had Trump needed to go after the popular vote but he still would have won.  But again, those are just speculations. 

The fact of the matter is that Hillary lost and it wasn't even close, just as I predicted.

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