Thursday, January 19, 2017

Soros on Trump

Liberal ahole George Soros has weighed in on Trump calling with the prediction that he will fail.  I have NEVER in all my years seen the people treat an incoming president with this much self assured disdain.  I am no great fan of Trump but it is absolutely incredibly how that dickwad Soros can say that "he will fail" when he already just fucking won!  He already did the dark horse dance on Hillary's face and Soros wants to tell me that he has no chance of success???   What an IDIOT!  Soros, all Trump has to do is to actually do what the last 3 presidents have said they were going to do but in fact failed to do and Trump will get re-elected to a 2nd term (which I am now predicting in advance will happen). 

And you know what the main driver of my prediction is?  Certainly not anything Trump has said or done!  The main driver of my view is that Trump and his team are going to be a lot more driven by the new conservative wave than even they know.  They will gain success by doing conservative things and this will drive them to do more of same.  In other words, herding behavior is the predictor here.  The other main reason I think Trump will surprise everyone is that the liberal left is sooooooooo convinced already that Trump is a loser that Trump can barely go anywhere but up anymore.  This is the exact opposite of what Obama got when he went into office and all we got out of that lying punk was more of the same elitism.

Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong this time.  It does happen you know.  But right here and now I like my odds that Trump will gain folk hero status and be easily elected into a 2nd term.  Unless of course the bottom drops out of the ponzi before his term ends and in that case all bets are off.  The herd does not do much thinking when stampeding...

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Augustine said...

Would be dictator? Soros, an elitist dusting how the world should live, accusing his adversary, Trump, of doing what he himself is doing? Spoken like a dedicated disciple of Lenin.

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