Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fake everything including fake intelligence briefings...

For a long time now I have educated people on the fact that since money makes the world go 'round, fake money has the same effect except it turns the world on its head and eventually corrupts everything into being just as fake as the money itself.  It is because money represents human labor that it actually has an effect on human behavior.

Here's a 50 second must see vid from before Trump was elected where fake asshole leader Harry Reid publicly admits that he recommended giving Trump fake (AKA fraudulent) intelligence briefings.  I just now found this.  Some or many of you have seen it before but still it shocked me that Reid would be so brazen and so cock sure that Hillary would win (and therefore protect him and other liberal asshole traitors like him) that he actually admitted on liberal CNN that he wanted the intelligence services to give Trump fake intelligence briefings.  And this was just after stating that Trump was (legally) entitled to real intelligence briefings as the gop nominee.

Trump is going to clean house because he has to clean house.  He really doesn't have the option to be another do nothing go along to get along shit head president.  In the end it will all blow up in his and our faces no matter what because Trump can't do a thing to address the national debt except for default on it all and then return to honest money but I don't think he is smart enough to understand that its all going to collapse anyway so he might as well make history by doing the only honest thing possible.

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