Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trump's path to incredible and unprecedented power

Mish reports that Ron Paul's long standing push to audit the fed is back on and likely has the support of Trump.  From a political perspective, the audit likely appears to be free goodwill to our increasingly conservative leaders.  It gives them a chance to pull back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, or Wizard of ozT as the institution really should be referred to collectively to see what kinds of dirty deals have been struck between a few unelected officials working for the private banking system called the federal reserve (which is about as federal as Federal Express).  Well I'm pretty sure they are not going to like what they find.  The fed was a force for globalization.  It did things that were net negative to Americans, at least in the short term, in order to prop up the global debt Ponzi.  That is what they will find.  And Trump will likely Trumpet the fact that it is just another example of our past administration screwing the USA in order to help the global elite.

If the fed is audited and then found to be operating in a way not specifically positive for the American people, it could in fact be shut down.  In fact, I'm sure that many in congress would love to wrestle power away from the fed because that would give congress the power to create money from thin air in order to push their political agendas.  I am on record for a long time indicating that the end of the debt Ponzi will be marked by congress taking control of the money supply.  Doing so would give Trump more power than any president has had in 50-60 years.  At the same time, without the traditional focus of the fed on globalization and a care in the interests of other countries, the world could lose confidence in the issuing authority of the dollar.  That is all it would take in order to send interest rates skyrocketing and the dollar plummeting.  And let there be no doubt.  Trump is a win-lose businessman.  He doesn't truly think his side of a deal was any good until he becomes convinced that the other side of the transaction got a raw deal.  He does not believe in equitable deals.

If Trump and his congress get control of the money supply, those who have been slow to get into physical gold and silver are going to be very, very sorry they did not pay more attention to my writings.  Trump cannot save everyone.  Trump can, however, allow it to be disclosed who the biggest losers are going to be in all of this and I guarantee you that it will not be holders of real money in the form of gold and silver bullion coins.

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