Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trey Gowdy goes berserk on GSA bureaucrat waste

As expected, we are now seeing a growing number of people trotted out and publicly flogged for the benefit a the angry citizen who "caint get no justice" out of the system.  Of course, Trey Gowdy is masterful at this as you can see from the comments of the people who love to see this theater.  And so far that's all it is.  Theater.  People get dragged onto the floor of congress and get belittled on camera.  But this crap will only appease a few of the people.  What it will do to the rest of them is to make them wonder what other things are going on; bigger things.  And it will send the message to all gullible people who think that man can rule man without becoming corrupt that no, he can't.  Thus, when bigger questions begin to emerge, these people will no longer be so quick and easy to call the next whistle blowers crazy or to denigrate them.  In fact, over time those who use to be the first to call everything a crazy conspiracy theory will be the first to point fingers, the first to call for witch hunts, etc.  They won't even know that they themselves have swung from too gullible to too paranoid.

Again, right now its all just a public dressing down but we should not be convinced that it will stop there.   If this does not have the calming effect that the establishment hopes for then I guarantee you that the gubment will up the ante.  Trey Gowdy says pensively this time, "the American public has lost confidence in the institution of government... I want indictments, Mr. Inspector General.  That's a great way to get people's attention: indictment. Not a memo, not corrective measures, an indictment."  and "what is the penalty for... (and naming several corrupt practices that were apparently called out in the IG report).  So the signals are being sent right now that the fun and games for government employees are officially over.  Don't think this isn't going to make a difference.  It will.  Sooooo much money goes down the government rat hole that literally trillions are now unaccounted for.  Trillions with a T.  This is such low hanging fruit for Trump as he works his way toward folk hero status.  It will still end up badly for sure, but not before Trump is raised onto a high pedestal.

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